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Below are some interview questions Danielle Madsen has been asked. Would you like to ask Danielle Madsen for Florida House a question? Submit it here.

  • Why are you running for this office?

    I'm an educator and I believe we need more teachers serving as State Representatives. I believe my district has not been adequately represented.

    I've been encouraged by a lot of people to run, and I listened. I’ve been told that I am the type of candidate that needs to run. I am a bi-partisan candidate. I care most about getting things done for the people and policy. People are my focus. I want to serve everyone.

    I work with everyone in my current role as servant leader in the community. Also, I serve and love my students. I believe they are champions, and deserve opportunities and an excellent education. Every person in District 88 is a champion as well, and deserves to have opportunities for education and employment.

    I am 100 percent for equal opportunity.

  • Describe which groups (and people) who will support and oppose your candidacy.

    I’m very thankful for the support of my family, friends, women owned business owners, small business owners, the faith community, the mental health service community, and voters in Palm Beach County that have reached out to me.

    Furthermore, I appreciate endorsements such as Representative Rick Roth, Lake Park Mayor Mike O'Rourke, and Inlet Grove Charter School, Principal Dr. Emma Banks. Additionally, I am thankful for endorsements from Lieutenant Colonel (Ret) Allen West and Licensed Professional Counselor Barbara Geffrand.

  • Who are the people you most admire and why?

    I admire my grandmother, Maureen Baker, because she showered me with love and great amounts of quality time as a child. She also was a female leader and business owner before this was culturally common for women.

    I admire Billy Graham and Martin Luther King Jr. because of their spiritual leadership and ability to stand up for what is right and just, as well as their long reaching positive impact on the world.

    I admire Christine Caine and Bonnie Jo Daniels for their dedication to fight human trafficking (Christine Caine is with A21 Campaign and Bonnie Jo Daniels is with Hope for Freedom).

    I admire Eric Thomas and Craig Groeschel for their motivational speaking skills, positive leadership, and ability to add value to others.

    I admire Carol Dweck because of her brilliance, research ability, and bringing the world the message of having a Growth Mindset.

    I admire Katherine Wolfe for her beautiful story of overcoming obstacles to find beauty and strength in living, even amidst incredible adversity.

    I admire Ron Clark because of his amazing teaching ability and his vision to transform classrooms across the world (with creativity and cutting edge techniques proven to improve the lives of children).

    I admire Sarah Jakes Roberts and Dr. Tony Evans for their powerful teaching and spiritual leadership.

    I admire Jesus Culture, Hillsong United, Elevation Worship, and artists like Jekalyn Carr for their encouraging and powerful music.

    I admire artists like Tyler Perry for not only his highly creative artistry, but also his amazing champion mindset and story of never giving up (amazing story of going from homeless to billionaire).

    I admire Janet Williams, Director of Community Outreach at Autism Speaks, for her work to make life better for those affected by Autism, and for creating Blue Blessings, an initiative to facilitate love and understanding in the community.

    I admire Sid Dinerstein and Linda Stoch for their long-term service to the community, their brilliance, and for their many years of wisdom and encouragement they have blessed me with.

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