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    Danielle Madsen

    Danielle Madsen was born on Galveston Island in Texas and grew up in the Houston area. The state of Florida fascinated Danielle from an early age. When she was a little girl, she told her father, who happens to be her hero, that she was moving to Florida. He laughed at her, but she made good on her word and as a young adult, she did just that.

    Madsen is a proud citizen of Palm Beach County and has served her community and church as a servant leader for many years. She is thankful for the wonderful opportunity to serve students as an English Language Arts Teacher at a Title 1 School with the Palm Beach County School District.

    Danielle Madsen calls her students champions because they overcome many obstacles to achieve success and she is extremely proud of them. She believes that every person in District 88 is a champion as well and looks forward to continuing to serve those in her community. You can be sure that if elected to the Florida House of Representatives, she will serve her constituents with the same focus, love, and care that she has demonstrated for my students.

    Madsen believes in servant leadership. The world is crying out for servant leadership and we have seen the far and ill reaching effects of self serving leaders in every aspect of our society. Madsen's highest priority as a leader is serving the people. She has served the Palm Beach Community as a child advocate, teacher, and church volunteer leader at Christ Fellowship Church.

    School choice and making sure every child in Palm Beach County has access to a top notch education is her highest priority. Parents should have the power to choose the best educational option for their children. She also advocates for her constituents to have greater access to excellent mental health care. We are facing a mental health crisis in Palm Beach County and must act.

    Madsens believe residents of Palm Beach County need more support for families with a special needs family member and for those overcoming drug addiction.

    Another issue of high importance for Madsen is human trafficking. Florida is a top 3 state for the most reported cases of human trafficking. She has been an advocate for children and survivors of human trafficking for over 10 years, and has served as a volunteer with Hope for Freedom at Christ Fellowship Church. Many of the children in Palm Beach County, and specifically District 88, are at-risk. We must protect our most vulnerable citizens and provide trauma based care to those affected by human trafficking. Recently, Danielle Madsen founded Tech Up Survivors, a non-profit that works to connect computers and phones with survivors of human trafficking to start a new life and achieve their educational goals.

    Madsen has a B.A. in Mass Communication from Texas State University and believes communication and journalism is a powerful tool, which can be used to serve the community. She hosted a morning show program for KTSW 89.FM, called Danielle and the Morning Show, for years during her time at Texas State University. Later, she worked at 81.1 WAY-FM Radio in South Florida and enjoyed bringing joy and encouragement to her community through the airwaves and promotions work. If elected, she would like to host an interview program as the State Representative with the specific purpose of highlighting the champions and servant leaders in District 88 who serve others day in and day out. Truly, they are the heroes.

    Like many kids who witnessed the terrorist attacks of September 11, it had an impact on her life. She wanted to learn how to keep herself safe, other safe, and her community safe. Danielle Madsen received a M.A. in National. Security from American Military University. She wants to work with others and use her education to help ensure the safety of every citizen of Palm Beach County.

    Danielle Madsen is a proud Sailfish and graduated from Palm Beach Atlantic University with a M.S. Counseling Degree. She has been equipped with the tools to communicate, listen, negotiate, and practice effective conflict resolution. She wants to use her experience to serve the people of Palm Beach County and bring home as many dollars as possible from Tallahassee to projects that need funding in our community. Her goal is to help residents of Palm Beach County have more access to education and employment.

    If elected, her pledge is as follows:

    If elected, I will do everything in my power to equip and empower the residents of District 88 with opportunities for education and employment. My office will be OPEN and ACCESSIBLE. You might as well call it "SCHOOL CHOICE CITY" and "JOB RESOURCE CENTRAL." My office will contain information for parents about their educational choices for their children, including scholarships. It will also provide information about job training, technology, and other resources.

    Madsen supports business owners, and specifically small business owners. She believes in every person in District 88 and wants to equip and empower them with resources to achieve their goals for themselves and their families, including those that have the dream of starting a business for the first time.

    You can find more about Danielle Madsen at

    You can also find her past service and involvement in the community touched on in the following articles:

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