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Danielle Madsen
For Florida House
Equip & Empower
My pledge: If elected, I will do everything in my power to equip and empower the residents of District 88 with opportunity for education and employment. My office will be OPEN and ACCESSIBLE. You might as well call it "SCHOOL CHOICE CITY" and "JOB RESOURCE CENTRAL." My office will contain information for parents about their educational choices for their children, including scholarships. It will also provide information about job training, technology, and other resources.
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| Meet Danielle Madsen
Madsen: "I want to equip and empower you!"

Madsen is committed to being a servant leader for her community. She is dedicated to listening to the residents of District 88 and their goals and dreams for their families, neighborhoods, and workplaces. Madsen is focused on creating common-sense legislation that benefits the people and will equip and empower District 88.

Let's Equip and empower District 88 to shine like a city on a hill.

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| We Need You
Your vote counts. Equip and empower your community by volunteering for Madsen For Florida House. It will require a community effort to push for the reform that District 88 desperately needs.

“Danielle fights for kids and parents.
Danielle will fight for you too!”
- Kim Davis

<span style="color:rgba(2, 12, 150, 1)">Serve your community by volunteering for Madsen For Florida House.</span>

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    | School Choice / Education

    Every child in District 88 should be equipped with an education that will prepare them for the future. Madsen supports school choice. Parents in Palm Beach County should have the power to choose the best educational option for their child. This includes the opportunity for parents to choose live in person instruction for their children. Parents in need, including single parents, should be provided with scholarships to facilitate their freedom to choose. Every child in District 88, regardless of race, who their parents are, or what neigborhood they live in, deserves and should receive a top notch education.

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    | Safe Affordable Housing

    District 88 should have affordable housing for its residents. By working together with partners in Palm Beach County and beyond, we can increase and develop affordable housing in our community. As we work together with builders, real estate professionals, and innovators, we can move towards our common goal of creating more affordable housing in Palm Beach County. Creating more affordable housing will create a better quality of life for those that live in our community and allow residents of District 88 to continue to grow and thrive.

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    | Economy

    A thriving local economy creates high paying jobs for Palm Beach County residents. Teenagers, young adults, and those changing careers in District 88 need access to skills training, apprenticeships, technology training, and career resources to empower job growth. As we work together in District 88 to support policies that unleash the potential of our local economy, we will continue to thrive and prosper. District 88 will be empowered by common sense solutions such as removing overregulation that hurts our local businesses, lowering taxes, and supporting pro-American Energy policies and pro-business policies.

  • | Prison Reform

    There should be common sense policies and laws in Palm Beach County that preserve the safety of our wonderful community. We must also work to greatly reduce our prison population of non-violent offenders. Alternatives to prison for non-violent offenders in our community should be explored such as drug rehabilitation, mental health assistance, and job training. Non-violent offenders who are currently incarcerated should be given the opportunity to attain business, trade, and job training while serving their sentence so that they can move forward in a positive way once released. I support trade schools partnering with prisons to teach inmates a new skill or trade. By doing this, inmates who are released will be equipped and empowered to provide for themselves, their families, and be a blessing to their communities. I support the efforts of Prison Fellowship and have signed the Justice Declaration.

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    | Mental Health

    We are facing a mental health crisis in Palm Beach County. It is critical that residents in District 88 have greater access to excellent mental health care for adults, teenagers, and children. Special needs families in Palm Beach County should be equipped and empowered with greater access to support and resources in our community. Residents of District 88 should not have to drive long distances to receive care for mental health needs or special needs assistance. Autism is impacting many of our children and family members in Palm Beach County. I want to equip and empower families impacted by Autism or any special need to receive top notch care, support, and resources that will improve family dynamics. I support the Autism Speaks Blue Blessings Initiative, which is aimed at creating a more inclusive environment for those on the spectrum and their families. Additionally, those suffering with substance abuse and addiction in District 88 should be equipped and empowered with opportunities to receive care and treatment. Mental health practitioners and substance abuse practitioners also need to be equipped with suppport and adequate financial compensation in order to consistently provide quality care, avoid burn out, and be encouraged to stay in District 88.

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    | Criminal Justice Reform

    Let's equip and empower our community to work together to make District 88 an even more safe, unified, and prosperous place to live. We value our brave men and women who serve us as firefighters, policemen, paramedics, and first responders of all kinds. Many risk their lives on a daily basis to serve us and deserve the respect and support of the community. I want to equip church and faith leaders in our community who desire to organize neighborhood watch teams to promote additional safety and goodwill in areas that may need additional support. Equality. Justice. Respect. Honest and fair treatment for every citizen is a required standard in Palm Beach County. Every resident of District 88 is a valued and important part of our community. If a resident has an interaction with law enforcement, civil and respectful handling of each situation must be the status quo. Every person in District 88 should feel safe in their home and local area. Police officers should be equipped with body cameras, which will provide transparency. Additionally, businesses should be kept safe and protected, which will allow our local economy to continue to prosper and thrive in District 88.

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    | Health Care

    Improving direct healthcare for local county residents is a priority. First Responders, medical practitioners and doctors should be supported and incentivized to come and stay in our community.

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    | Human Trafficking

    Florida is a top 3 state for most reported cases of human trafficking. This means sexual exploitation of our women and children, and labor trafficking. We must join together to fight human trafficking and sexual exploitation in District 88. Resources and trauma-based care should be provided to survivors of human trafficking in Palm Beach County.

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    | Environment

    We must work together to continue to protect Palm Beach County’s natural resources and beautiful coastline. All residents should have clean drinking water and the opportunity to use public waterways that are safe and clean.

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    | Pro-Israel

    It is important to continue to strengthen and expand the U.S - Israel relationship. This will strengthen the security and well-being of both the United States and Israel. We must stand against Antisemitism in all its forms and condemn anti-Semitic acts.

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    | Pro-Military

    Strong support should be provided to the military men and women in Florida who bravely defend our nation. Elected leaders should be just as dedicated to the members of our armed forces in District 88 as they are when they serve us on the battlfield. Gold Star Families should be given resources, support, and recognized by our community.

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    | Real Estate

    Let's build a blessed District 88. As a licensed real estate agent myself, I want to advocate for common sense Florida and local policies that will strengthen the ability of residents to own, buy, and sell real property. Palm Beach County builders and contractors should be equipped and empowerd to build buildings and homes that are a blessing to our community. Let's work together to strengthen the real estate market in Palm Beach County by continuing to make it a safe and thriving environment.

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    | Pro-Business

    Small businesses in Palm Beach County need support and resources. Listening to business leaders and business owners in District 88 about their needs is important to continue to have a thriving local economy. Additionally, we must have an environment which supports business expansion. As businesses thrive and prosper, they are able to put more Floridians to work. I want to listen to business leaders in District 88. I encourage business leaders to reach out to me in the contact form. I want to hear from you and equip and empower you in every way I can. I support small businesses in Palm Beach County which are overcoming many obstacles at this time. District 88 must continue to be a place that equips and empowers businesses to open and stay in our community.

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    | Pro-Life

    I firmly oppose infanticide and genocide in all its forms. My goal is to touch and save as many lives as possible in District 88. The right to life must be protected. All the other rights we enjoy as Americans hinge on this first right. Unplanned pregnant mothers in Palm Beach County should be equipped and empowerd with comprehensive pregnancy help including an ultrasound, counseling, parenting classes, the option of making an adoption plan, and other supportive resources. By working together in Palm Beach County to support and equip those in crisis, we can encourage a more safe and prosperous environment for all.

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    | Racial Reconciliation

    Every person of every race in Palm Beach County is valuable and should be treated with respect. I stand for love, unity, and healing in District 88. Racism and injustice should be opposed in all its forms. Let's listen and learn from one another so we can continue to grow in unity and prosperity in our community. I encourage church leaders in Palm Beach County to join together and lead the way towards racial reconciliation, including suburban churches partnering with urban churches. I strongly support Dr. Tony Evans's 3 Point Process Challenge for Churches, which includes serving one another in the community. As we work together, District 88 will continue be a blessed place to live and work.

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District 88

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